A Farewell Message from Mother Jackie


Dear Friends,

I am so pleased to have been able to be here with you at St. Matthew’s for a full year (and a little more). It has been my privilege to walk this part of your journey with you, as you move from one stage in your life as a Christian community to another. This year has been more than just an “in-between” time. You have continued to develop and grow as a community, to affirm good things you did in the past, let go of some others, and still more embrace some things anew. It has been such fun to get to know you and to work together. I have been honored to hear treasured parts of your life stories, and have been very moved by how you care for each other, in even quiet, small ways, and how the big things in parish life just keep going on so well. You welcomed me warmly, and cheerfully went along with any changes I thought I just had to make. Thank you for everything you have done to make my time here productive and comfortable.

In short, you are really good at being the people of God. We have time for some good good-byes before I leave on April 15. I suggest we take advantage of the Great 50 Days of the Easter Season and not short-change the parties: say farewell to me, and welcome to Paul, your next rector, as you embrace those new changes that this next chapter of your life will bring.

Faithfully, and with love and care,


On Sunday, April 15th Mother Jackie will lead us in services for the final time. At that service, The Rev. Canon John Crosswaite from the Diocesan office will join us, as well as we close this chapter of Transition. We invite all members of St. Matthew’s to join us for a special coffee hour between services (9:15am) to say good-bye and thank you to Mother Jackie.

Search Committee Update, January 25, 2018

I am very pleased to report the Search Committee has finished their work and has turned the process over to our Wardens, Penny Dugas and Bill Jones, to complete the final steps in calling our next Rector.
I am very grateful for all of the dedicated, diligent, prayerful and faithful work the committee has done during these past four months. We have greatly appreciated all of your prayers, support and patience during this time of waiting and wondering. Thanks be to God!
Peace and all good,
Cindy Adamowsky
Search Committee Chair

The kingdom of God has come near: an introduction to the Gospel of Mark

Join us every Sunday in January, from 9-10 am, in the conference room.

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four gospels, and believed to be the original telling of the life and ministry of Jesus. Mark is actually short enough that you can read it in one sitting!

Mark forms the basis of our lectionary this year, so January will be a good time to acquaint ourselves with some of its sharp corners and compelling urgency. We’ll look at the whole first chapter, paying attention to the people who formed Mark’s community and the way he wrote about them. Mark tells the story of Jesus’ journeys of teaching and healing throughout Galilee and Judea as a spiritual geography, so we’ll look at maps of the Holy Land and of intersecting trade routes of the Roman Empire, the ground on which Jesus walked and proclaimed the Good News of God’s reign.

It might be fun if we all arrived on January 7 having read the whole Gospel of Mark – but at least the first chapter. All other study materials will be provided at each session. Each session is open to all, whether or not you have been able to attend earlier weeks.