Food Sense

FOOD $EN$E SHOPPERS PROGRAM (Through the Food Bank of CNY)

At St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

Everyone can s-t-r-e-t-c-h their food dollars… NO income requirements!

Email or call 315-457-4633, with any questions. 

June package ordering at St. Matthew’s:

Sunday, May 27th, 4-6pm (conference room)
Sunday, June 3rd, 9-10am

June package pick-up at St. Matthew’s:

Wednesday, June 20th, 2-4pm in St. Matthew’s Parish Hall. (Go through double red doors off of back parking lot)

Buy June’s Food Package for $20.50 (list subject to change)

– Beef Sandwich Steaks, 10.5 oz.
– Chicken Drumsticks, 1.75 lbs. (avg.) – Breaded Fish Fillets, 1 lb.
– Ground Turkey, 1 lb.
– Italian Sausage, 1 lb.
– Peanut Butter, 18 oz.
– Fresh Coleslaw, 15 oz.
– Elbow Macaroni, 1 lb.
– Frozen Peppers & Onions, 1 lb.
– Frozen Pineapple Chunks, 1 lb.
– Fresh Produce
– Fresh Produce

The Specials for June are:

Boneless Chicken Breast: 2.5 lbs. for $5.00 – The chicken breasts are boneless, skinless, and individually quick frozen.
Pork Chop Baby Ribs: 3 lbs. (avg.) for $8.50 – The pork baby back ribs are bone-in and average 3 lbs. per special.
Produce Box: $15.00 – The Produce Box includes oranges (4), peaches (4), nectarines (4), red seedless grapes (2 lbs.), cantaloupe (1), and pineapple (1).
American cheese: 5 lbs. for $10.75 – The sliced American cheese is not individually wrapped.
French Fries: 5 lbs. for $4.50 – The French fries are ready to cook and can be used in the oven or fryer.
Beef Patties: 2 lbs. for $6.00 – The beef patties are 100% all beef and there are 8 quarter pound patties per special.
Macaroni & Beef: 4.5 lbs. for $10.50 – The macaroni & beef is family size and a Stouffer’s product.