The kingdom of God has come near: an introduction to the Gospel of Mark

Join us every Sunday in January, from 9-10 am, in the conference room.

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four gospels, and believed to be the original telling of the life and ministry of Jesus. Mark is actually short enough that you can read it in one sitting!

Mark forms the basis of our lectionary this year, so January will be a good time to acquaint ourselves with some of its sharp corners and compelling urgency. We’ll look at the whole first chapter, paying attention to the people who formed Mark’s community and the way he wrote about them. Mark tells the story of Jesus’ journeys of teaching and healing throughout Galilee and Judea as a spiritual geography, so we’ll look at maps of the Holy Land and of intersecting trade routes of the Roman Empire, the ground on which Jesus walked and proclaimed the Good News of God’s reign.

It might be fun if we all arrived on January 7 having read the whole Gospel of Mark – but at least the first chapter. All other study materials will be provided at each session. Each session is open to all, whether or not you have been able to attend earlier weeks.

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