New Rector Transition and Search Committee Updates

September 13, 2017….

Transition Committee meets with Search Committee to give overview of parish profile and specifics goals and characteristics of the rector we seek.

September 12, 2017…

Parish profile completed and ready to be sent to the diocese for approval.

August 7, 2017…

The survey and forums are complete and now the transition team will be meeting to put all of the results together so we can have a better idea of what St. Matthew’s is looking for in a new rector!  Thank you all for your participation! The committee member reports are also now in the hands of Sarah, and she will be putting together the parish profile. Things are moving along nicely!

June 30, 2017…

The Survey is out and the forums are set! Please fill it out, online or on paper, and sign up for a forum so we can hear more of your feedback!


On July 6th you will receive an email or a hard copy in the mail (it depends on how you get the Grapevine) of a survey. The Transition Committee has utilized the services of Survey Monkey to put together a questionnaire to help gather the information needed to move forward on our Search for Rector. Each person in your household 18 years and older who is a member of St. Matthews is asked to complete a survey. This survey MUST be completed by July 19th in order for us to have time to tabulate the information.

BUT that’s not your only opportunity to have input on St. Matthew’s future. The committee will be hosting several forums at various times over the next few weeks. The sign-up sheets will be in the hall at St. Matthew’s. We’d like to have no more than 10 at each forum so everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts.

If you have any questions about the surveys or the forums please contact Deacon Shelly, Bill Jones, Warden or Robin Lisi, Transition Chair.

Your input is vital so please fill out the survey as soon as you receive it. Forum dates at St. Matthew’s:

Sunday, July 16th at 9:15am Sunday, July 23rd at 9:15am Sunday, July 23rd at 11:15am Wednesday, July 26th at 12:00pm

Thursday, July 27th at 11:00am Sunday, July 30th at 11:15am Sunday, August 6th at 11:15am

June 23, 2017… 

The Transition team has been hard at work putting together a survey for the congregation.  The survey will gather the information needed for our Rector profile.  The profile is a tool used by the Diocese and potential candidates to find out information about St. Matthews.
Once that profile is complete and approved by the Diocese the Search team will begin the process of identifying candidates.
We hope to have the survey out to everyone by the end of this month.

May 29, 2017…..

Your transition team members are officially in place!  They are:

  • Bill Jones… Warden
  • John Owens… Vestry
  • Elena Henner
  • Robin Lisi
  • Ellen Booth

• Barbara Herrmann • Diane Frey
• Katie McCormick • Rose Rheinheimer

The transition team is in the process of finalizing a survey, to be sent out tentatively in the beginning of July, to determine the desires of the congregation regarding the new priest. They look forward to full parishioner participation in the survey so that all thoughts and opinions count!

We are sure that there are many questions out there as to the transition here at St. Matthew’s, as we begin our search for a new rector. Please contact your warden, Bill Jones (491-3959,


April 30, 2017….

Transition & search teams commissioned