Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room

On July 29th, 2008, The Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room opened at Hancock Airport.


It was established to provide a place of comfort and relaxation for all active and reserve personnel traveling through the Central New York area.

At St. Matthew’s, we are always collecting items for donation to the Military Courtesy Room.

If you’d like to participate, some ideas for donations are:military-courtesy-room
Soft drinks
bottled water
fruit juice
hot chocolate
individual pkgs chips
individual pkgs crackers
individual pkgs cookies
individual breakfast danish
individual pkgs hot pockets
individual pkgs ramon noodles
individual granola bars
individual fruit cups

Donations can be brought in and placed in the red bin in the foyer.

Contact Lisa Sager with questions.

If you’d like to donate money to The Military Courtesy Room, you can do so directly through their website donation page.