St. Matthew’s Instructed Eucharists on Aug. 9th & 16th

St. Matthew’s Church-altar
Many of us list the Celebration of the Eucharist as one of our favorite parts of our worship service. We find the rituals filled with meaning and the act of being fed at the altar pivotal for our faith life.

Some of us know all the words by heart and can “speak along” with the priest during any Eucharistic Prayer. The order of service, the manual acts, the particular way the altar is set, the progression of the worship – all as familiar to some of us as our own home.

Others are new to our rites and rituals and feel themselves drawn into the mystery. The reverence for the Sacrament is new, intriguing, and inviting. The worship is at the same time, both new and ancient; Unfamiliar, yet right.

Whether you’ve been steeped in Episcopal worship for years, or whether it’s brand new to you – you may be interested in attending our Instructed Eucharists this summer.

On Sunday, August 9 and 16, we’ll have an Instructed Eucharist series at both our 8:00 and 10:15 services. Instead of a normal sermon, we’ll have commentary on our worship: why we do what we do, peppered throughout the service.

On Sunday, August 9th, we’ll expound upon the first half of the service: The Liturgy of the Word. Then, the second half of the service (Communion) will flow as normal without commentary.
On Sunday, August 16th, we’ll follow the first half of the service without interruption and then expand upon the Communion part of the service with commentary.

If you’ve ever wondered:
• Why do we start the service with a procession?
• What’s up with the candles?
• Where do some of our prayers come from?
• What is it that the priest is doing with her/his hands?
• Why do we pass the peace?
• What goes into writing a sermon?
• What are all those different color vestments about?
• Who does what parts of the service and why?
• How old are parts of our liturgy

Join us on August 9th and 16th for answers to those questions and more!