Rector Search

Thank you for your time and consideration of the people and mission of St. Matthew’s as you discover who we are. Our hope is that the following information will exhibit the profound warmth, care and love of community, both spiritual and geographic, that defines our church family.

The Rector We Seek:

1. Theologically sound with the ability to translate scripture into relatable sermons that address life experiences.
2. Skills to work with children of all ages from pre-school to high school.
3. Build worship both traditionally and non-traditionally that will inspire youth and adults into the full life and ministry of St. Matthew’s and the Episcopal Church.
4. Manage and delegate responsibilities to develop leadership in St. Matthew’s.
5. Provide compassionate care to those who are sick and in nursing homes, and make pastoral visits to those who need and ask for them.
6. Empower individuals to feel safe and free to identify and develop their needs and gifts.
7. Strong preacher.
8. Technologically proficient.

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