Other Services

During the year, we offer additional opportunities for commitment and spiritual renewal.

Baptism, Confirmation, Reception

We encourage you to address inquiries about Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, and the Reaffirmation of Vows to the Rector well in advance of the desired time. We require the education and preparation of individuals for these rites, as we consider each of them to be significant Rites of Passage (transitions) and not to be entered upon lightly. Classes are held annually for those being confirmed and for those to be received. Additionally, classes are held for those planning to be Godparents or sponsors in baptism.


We usually conduct baptisms in the presence of the full congregation, usually on Sundays. We provide the same rite for adults who wish to be initiated into this branch of Christ’s Church.


Confirmations are held at the bishop’s visit (every other year or so) or at regional celebrations. At this service, young and older adults confirm their baptismal vows and receive the laying on of hand by the bishop.


The service of Reception is conducted by the Bishop during the same service as Confirmation. In his presence, persons originally baptized and confirmed in other traditions reaffirm their baptismal vows as adults, and are received into the Episcopal Church. In addition, persons who have been confirmed or received may reaffirm their baptismal vows at this same service.

Holy Matrimony

church decorated weddingWe strongly suggest that those wishing to be married contact the Rector at least 6 months in advance of the desired date. This is necessary to allow time for the required pre-marriage counseling and to ensure the availability of the church.

Christian Burial

Funerals obviously cannot be scheduled; the Rector or other pre-designated clergyperson is always available on short notice as needed. However, it is critical for the family to discuss details with the Rector prior to making other arrangements, as there are particular guidelines to be followed in all Episcopal churches. We can help you to minimize the stress at such a difficult time; before a loved one dies, we can provide counseling, special forms, and plans which you may complete and have ready before death occurs. And you may also choose to do this for yourself; not only will this spare your survivors some grief, it will ensure that your own wishes will be known and respected.