Worship Ministries

St. Matthew’s Church in Liverpool provides opportunities for individuals who wish to learn, grow in faith, and serve the needs of others. We encourage you to consider participating in one or more of these programs. Please contact Fr. Paul for more information.


Acolytes are trained to assist the priest and deacon during the service and to lead the processions into and out of the church. Periodic refresher training sessions ensure that everyone is comfortable with his or her responsibilities.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares and maintains all the altar linens and vessels before and after each service. They manage the funds and schedules for all the memorial flowers, etc. They are always looking to add new members and appreciate the extra hands that will be available to help with the housekeeping of our beautiful sanctuary. Even though the work of setting up the altar and taking down after each service is routine, it can be a very spiritual and rewarding time.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are licensed to assist with the liturgy and the chalice in the administration of the Holy Communion.

Congregational Lectors

Congregational Lectors are trained to read the Old and New Testament readings during the worship service. New members interested in serving as lectors are asked to make their desires known to the Rector.

St. Matthew’s Church-music


The Music program provides the opportunity for volunteers to share their gifts and talents in worship. We are lucky to have a talented musical director (Jennifer Bearup) who is always looking for people to volunteer for the choir or to add to the service with instrumental performances or accompaniment.


Children not old enough for the service are cared for by adults in a nursery located just off the sanctuary. The children are brought into the service just prior to the start of communion. Parents with babies have the alternative of caring for their infants in rocking chairs provided in a room at the rear of the Church. In addition, “Pew Friends” (stuffed animals and dolls) are available to accompany children during the service along with children’s bulletins.

Ushers and Welcomers

front doors of churchUshers and Welcomers are lay persons with the responsibility of meeting the congregation and visitors at the church entry. Ushers help newcomers understand the Episcopal service if necessary, arrange for participants to carry the sacramental elements to the Altar, collect the offerings, and direct the congregation to the Altar rail during Communion. Welcomers give a friendly welcome to newcomers and visitors. It is their role to establish who are potential members and arrange to have them sign the guest book in the Narthex, and arrange for initial lay visitation and other follow-up measures.