church worshipWeekly Worship Schedule

Weekly Services:

Sunday 8:00am Rite I (traditional language) service without music.

Sunday 10:15am Rite II service with hymns accompanied by a choir and music.

Wednesday 12:00pm Rite II service without music.

We worship using the 1979 American edition of the Book of Common Prayer using both the contemporary and traditional language forms, the latter form only at the 8:00 Sunday morning service and occasionally during the the 10:15 service. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist at all Sunday services, except when ordained clergy are not available. Then the Morning Prayer service, conducted by a commissioned lay leader, is used.

In addition to our regular Sunday schedule noted above, we also observe major feast days and Holy Days, the schedules for which are posted in the service bulletins and in the monthly newsletter, The Grapevine.